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Following a warm welcome by our beloved Steffi Czerny, DLD's co-chairman Yossi Vardi and Burda's CEO Paul-Bernhard Kallen, DLD's New York City conference premiere kicks of with a panel looking at the big picture: What are the challenges and opportunities for the global digital economy and how will it transform within the near future?

Henry Blodget, CEO and Editor-In Chief of Business Insider, is joined by Paul-Bernhard Kallen, angel investor Klaus Hommels (Lakestar) and financial expert Jeffrey Rosen (Lazard).

The panel first discusses if we are facing a new tech bubble that will inevitably crash since companies tend to be overvalued. Vardi points out that if you measure the value on the ability to grab space, to create a vertical and lock a field of business, a lot of tech companies do measure up to their expectation.

Kallen argues, that we tend to think it will always be a linear development but we will see significant disruptions coming up and the big players of today will also be disrupted in the near future. The fact that Facebook spend 19 billion US dollars for What's app, a company that doesn't turn over money, shows how important defense is today. "They understand how fragile their business is."

What will be the next big thing?

Hommels says, there will always be a new wave, it's like looking at the ocean. The moment it starts you can sense it, but you can never foresee it. Yossi Vardi agrees: We are now moving from desktop to mobile. Access to the internet is growing globally. This will also reveal new creative potential and connect global players we haven't heard of yet. "Most of the future leaders are not even connected to the Internet yet."

The panel goes on to discuss upcoming disruptions and transformations. Will traditional publishers merge to face the global reach of companies like Google and Facebook? Will television be taken over by the Netflixes and Amazons?

The panelists agree that television will be transformed. Vardi thinks, you will have two kind of channels, one that serves the couch potato attitude and a new internet-based one. Hommels points out, it will become easier for content owners to make deals with global channels let alone geo- and gender targeting possibilities for advertising. "There is no good reason this transformation won't come", Kallen concludes.

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