Biotopia & Collective Behavior

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To provide a first taste of what to expect in BIOTOPIA we are joined by leading expert on collective behaviour Professor Iain Couzin and Icarus founder Professor Martin Wikelski, introduced by BIOTOPIA’s founding director Professor Michael John Gorman and expert on parrot intelligence Dr Auguste von Bayern

• BIOTOPIA is a 21st- century museum in Nymphenburg Palace of life sciences and the environment is a one in a lifetime opportunity, expanding on and replacing the much loved Museum Man and Nature

• The museum will take a bold approach to engaging visitors in climate and environmental issues

• It aims to become a world-class destination for the understanding and appreciation of nature, the promotion of science communication and the dialogue between art and science - What can we as humans learn from collective animal behavior?

• Wikelski: What we can learn from tagging animals (half a billion GPS points from animals around the world are currently gathered) - weather forecast (collecting data from geese), disease prevention (identifying cases of Ebola through flying foxes), disaster prediction (animal behavior in earthquake areas)

• Internet of animals: People can observe their favorite animals across the globe and see what they are up to via the app - "You can be like Nils Holgersson and fly with the geese", Wikelski said