Bird Migration & Peacekeeping

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Birds are often symbols in our society - e.g. freedom or power.

The barn owl is recognized as a bad omen in the Middle East, but Mansour Abu Rashid, Prof. Yossi Leshem, and Prof. Alexandre Roulin changed it within the last couple of years.

• building bridges in a tense area: the Middle East

• idea: birds can help to connect people

• birds crossing Jordan from Asia to Europe, 500 Mio. birds, twice a year

• crossing borders without passports

• nature conservation as a tool to educate people from both sides

• Israelis use owls as pest control agents in agriculture fields in the Middle East since 2002

• the project started 2009, „environmental diplomacy“

• bringing people together

• people joined, no matter which community they belonged, they laughed, making jokes

• "Which one is from Jordan? Which one is from Palestine?“ - it doesn’t matter anymore

• invited all over the world to talk about the freedom in Middle East, e.g. Geneve, Davos

General Abu Rashid explained his special way from war to freedom:

• several wars in Jordan, he was considered war criminal for Israel

• 1994 peace agreement, enabled people, now friends

• an agreement of governments doesn’t mean you have an agreement in the communities or changed the opinions of people

• NGO founded to promoting comprehensive peace and cooperation between Israel and Jordan

• they eat together, drink together, dance, …

• started different programs, e.g. Women empowering program

Migrating birds don’t know any borders