Bitcoin: Bubble or Boom?

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The panel is moderated by Olaf Acker (booz digital) who speaks with Jeremy Allaire (Circle) and Berry Silbert (Second Market) about the future of bitcoins. Bitcoin has been growing over the years but its value is purely on the basis of beliefs and its transactions. Rather than a currency it is more an open source technology.
So, why should we all invest in bitcoins? As bitcoin is a technology and you can use it in everyday life it can help building mechanism of trust and security. There are 5 stages of bitcoin Berry mentions: the first stage is in which it is just a hobby but not of any value. Then prices went up and early adopters used bit coin, later in the third phase company investments followed. The fourth phas is Wall Street with huge investments and then in the fifth phase all stabilizes and trust in the bitcoin eco system is gained. Right now bitcoin is gradually moving into this phase. How will bitcoin evolve? It is very hard to predict but there exists 7 trilliion in gold reserves and 1 trillion in tax. If part of it can be replaced by bitcoins we could move towards lower transaction costs and losses.

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