Bitcoin: Money Sans Frontieres

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The future of money itself is presented at the Bitcoin panel on DLD14's final day.

The microeconomic logic behind the idea of virtual money is explained by Peter Sorda and summed up as "the reduction of transaction costs". In Sorda's opinion the future of Bitcoin lies in its liquidity and the medium of exchange function.

Next up is Margaux Avedisian from Bitcoin Capital Partners who starts by introducing the concept of remittances which require an easier way of transferring money than exists so far. Bitcoin could be the solution as transactions are cheaper, faster and don't require a bank account. In the next two weeks alone three more bitcoin providers will launch called Kipochi, BitPesa, and HelloBit.

Another idea behind Bitcoin is presented by Rodolfo Andragnes "as a tool of self defines against financial repression" and uses Argentina as a case study. Although it's a global coin Rodolfo says that Bitcoin can be an answer to reoccurring financial crisis which come around in Argentina every 5 to 7 years. In conclusion to his thorough presentation Rodolfo asks the DLD audience to join him in nothing less than a peaceful revolution which Bitcoin is to him.

Finally Johann Gevers presents the "big picture" of monetary developments that shift social systems. Today, he argues we live in a decentralised society due to a number of technologies which shaped democratic revolutions. Yet, he says we need to decentralise further in order to have a more equal environment and a technology of trust is necessary for that. Bitcoin to Gevers is one of such decentralised forms of communication and exchange.

The visionary panel wraps up the session with a Qn'A from the audience.

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