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"How do we take on some of the biggest problems in the world?" inventor and founder of Bombsheller Pablos Holman opens his presentation.

Every time you get a new technology, it's like a new superpower. You can strap it on and use it to solve problems. So Pablo fills his brain with problems on the one side and new technologies on the other side trying to match both sides.

One example of a cool technology is 3-D printing. It's like a programmable factory. You can make stuff just by sending a few bits of code to the machine. What if you could just buya code for sun glasses or shoes and this machine prints it for you in your particular size.

The way we manufacture today is pretty inefficient. Looking at fashion production, the processes like yarn spinning haven't changed that much within the last 100 years. The factories are in the cheapest labor regions of the world and working conditions as we know are far from being safe. Fabrics are shipped across the ocean to be dyed, then shipped again to get sewn and yet again to be sold. Often too many pieces are produced.

What if you would start from scratch and develop a clothing company from the future like designing a software firm. With Bombsheller, Pablo and his co-founders play with these ideas. The whole company including manufacturing is in one building in Seattle. For now, Bombsheller offers customizable spandex leggings. You can upload prints or pick patterns provided by artists, choose your size and it will be printed and sewn on demand.

Counting down from 10, Pablo launches the website at the end of his talk. As an encore and on Steffi's request, he shows another one of his superpowers: being a fabulous salsa dancer.

DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Sorin Morar

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