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Two fashion founders, Valentin von Arnim and Hilary Peterson, speak about their experience and insights on how social media influences shopping and fashion. The consumer is becoming a brand ambassador and the future lies in focusing on regular users and leverage them, according to Peterson. Von Arnim gives one example of technology leveraging customer markets as they got their first online order from a small town in Finland. Von Arnim also points out that Facebook is for him no a platform but rather a space. In order to reach consumers in that space a brand won't be successful by bombarding the people with marketing campaigns. The real importance is to have an emotional attachment with the brand the products rather than selling it as a commodity. Peterson asks von Arnim what his biggest fear is? it is the uncontrollability of Facebook. You can easily have thousand of friend and followers, but it can spiral out of control. Hence, you need have manpower and the people who manage this channel. It doesn't make sense to post bad quality content. Lixandru asks about brand dilution, which is more about brand competence and that is is possible to target different market needs via social media. For Peterson the key success is to adopt early, invest some resources and use them strategically. An opportunity for von Arnim is also the story telling aspect of social media to transfer the emotional feeling of a product. While social media is a powerful channel to reach consumers better it is also very important to keep the authenticity of the *brand to be consistent across all channels.

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