Build a Community

Build a community

Yancey Strickler, co-founder of Kickstarter, introduces the crowdfunding company which is best represented by the projects it has facilitated.

A very successful Kickstarter campaign from the last two years has been the Veronica Mars movie. The tv series had been cancelled after three seasons. However, the show had a lot of following and determined fans. The showrunners tried for seven years to make a movie as an installment, but Hollywood kept telling them: no one cares. The Kickstarter campaign gave them the chance to prove Hollywood wrong. Within 8 hours the project reached its goal of 2 million dollars.

Another example is Pebble, a smart watch, that has been the largest project in terms of money raised on Kickstarter reaching 10.2 million dollars.

There are also a lot of interesting smaller projects that have been funded like the first hacker space in Baghdad, a bus stop in Georgia, a human-powered helicopter, a skatepark in Phily, an Oscar-winning film as well as independent movie theaters.

It is a very open system. You can build a community around an idea. The creators are doing an amazing job of telling the story of the creation process and thus build a sustainable relationship with their backers.

As Yancey sums it up: "People are amazing. Ideas are exhilarating and we are all capable of creating incredible things."

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