Changing faces of mobility

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How does mobility change in the near future? Hildegard Wortmann, Senior Vice President of BMW, gives us insights into key trends and current developments in the automotive industry.

“The transformation of the sector we will see in the next 10 years will surpass the developments of the last 30 years”, Hildegard predicts. Thus the automotive industry is facing huge challenges.

From Automobile to Automobility

Four of the key drivers of this dramatic change are: Autonomous Driving, Disruptive Business Models, E-Mobility, Future Interaction & Seamless Connectivity. And we can already see the beginning of this iconic change, here and now: If you, for instance, drive the new BMW 7 series, you can actually take your hands off the steering wheel while driving. Soon you will be able to also close your eyes and not pay any attention to traffic anymore, while your car can take over. There are already countries like Norway where electromobility is the main driving force for change and BMW already sells more e-cars there than any other automobiles in that range. It is a trend that will continue globally. Celebrating their 100th anniversary, BMW recently also presented their Vision Next 100 Car incorporating all these trends.

After her presentation, Hildegard is joined by Alejandro Agag (Formula E.Holdings) and Tom Goodwin (Havas Media). Picking up on one of the key trends, Tom asks what it will take for electromobility to really take off globally.

DLDsummer 16 - Day 1

The infrastructure is still lacking, Alejandro thinks. It needs to become more convenient and faster to charge your car. And there's also a lifestyle and design aspect: Electronic cars need to become a cool alternative.

The panelists go on to talk about how the use of cars is changing. Software is becoming more important and BMW has also transformed as a company going into the fields of software, AI and mobile development complementing their classical engineering and manufacturing competencies. Their portfolio has also changed accordingly in recent years. With Drive now, for instance, they are offering a service that meets the needs of a younger generation that is not so much interested in owning but sharing cars.

What can we expect in the near future?

The driverless car can already beat the human, Alejandro states. However, what we don't know is what happens with two autonomous cars in the racetrack. It is hard to predict. The possibilities with AI and deep learning seem limitless.

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