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Inspirational Prep Talk from two Movie Stars

“We live best in chaos” is how Gabriele Sperl (Sperl Film) and Sherry Hormann (Film Director) introduced themselves on stage. Two women with an aura of success but not a trace of arrogance shared their very personal story of becoming who they are today.

Sherry Hormann said that you have to start from scratch over and over again. Every success is just one stepping stone in life and with every new project you fight against the fear to fail. You fight your own fear as well as those of others she said, while her credo is that fear is a reaction, courage a decision.

Gabriele Sperl said that digitization has changed the film industry dramatically, everything has been made easier and faster. At the same time, the companies and stations they work for have become more controlled, which curtails creative freedom. Under those circumstances the driving force for both women is to trust in as well as rely on themselves. Their storytelling is marked by stories that matter to them first. Sherry said she often “wakes up as a walking question mark” asking herself - can I succeed? And she has to remind herself over and over that its’ up to her and no one else.

The motivational talk from two women leaders included an anecdote from one of their film sets, when they asked all drivers to read the script of the film. This unconventional method made it an inclusive experience for the whole team, which they believed was evident in the final product - a successful film that they believed in.

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