Chineasy: A Movement to Learn Chinese

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DLD friend and restless innovator ShaoLan Hsueh presented her latest vision of Chineasy - the tool and movement for the world to learn Chinese.

“I want to re-write the definition of the chinese language.” ShaoLan Hsueh believes that, the reason why two billion people are learning English as a foreign language, while only a small percentage worldwide are learning Chinese as a second language, is because people think of it as a difficult, inaccessible language. Her way of learning chinese is meant to change that.

ShaoLan Hsueh said that Chineasy is a movement and above all thrives on being a community that is interested to support each other in learning this rich language.

The underlying idea and power behind Chineasy is that it’s not only about learning chinese but actually to create an understanding across cultures, through language and the joy of learning. Something that ShaoLan Hsueh has practiced her whole life - learning is her motor in life, she said.

The energetic chinese power-lady wrapped up her presentation by advocating for an interconnected world with more appreciation for each other across cutlures.

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