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Next up on stage is Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, in conversation with German TV anchor Claus Kleber.

Netflix is one of the most fascinating success stories of the last years disrupting the concept of linear television and changing viewer habits. Just ten days ago Netflix has announced expanding their service to another 130 countries.

"What are you watching these days, Reed?" Kleber starts off the conversation. Reed talks about Netflix original content and their new docu series "Making a murderer". Does data play a role in deciding which content should be produced? While they look at the data, the final call is based on intuition. Their concept is to build a portfolio, make various bets in parallel and then see what works allowing them to make even riskier bets along the way.

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As Kleber works in traditional television, he is very eager to learn why Reed thinks traditional television is finished. Reed concedes that linear television has been a breakthrough for 50 years. It enabled people to watch at home rather than having to go to a movie theater. However, today people like to watch on demand, on different screens. They enjoy the comfort of personilization and apps that constantly learn and improve their viewing experience. Eventually, these new forms will replace the classic television channels just like mobile phones replaced classic telephones.

New generations will not even understand the concept of watching news at the same time every day anymore, Reed believes. What about the common information stream traditional television provided? Every new technology involves loss as well as gain. However, there used to be a lack of diversity and of different voices. Today, if you can produce a website, you can have a tv network. So you have a fundamentally different media landscape – and there's no going back.

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