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Following the talk with Reed Hastings, DLD chairman Yossi Vardi is joined by YouTube’s Robert Kyncl to discuss the future of broadcasting and the changing media landscape.

“You will be responsible for ruining my marriage”, Yossi quips opening the conversation with Robert Kyncl, Chief Business Officer at YouTube. Yossi plays a sample of one of the old films he likes to watch on YouTube late at night.

Robert used to be Vice President of Programming at Netflix. “Obviously Netflix is more focussed on movies and TV shows, while Youtube's content is much broader. There is a huge amount of music, gaming, kids content, how-to videos as well as general entertainment on Youtube”, he explains the difference between the companies' profiles. It does not compare to a cable television channel with consistent programming either. The content is very fluid.

Every minute, 400 hours of content are uploaded on Youtube. The scale of the content is so large that it is impossible to sort it manually. You have to use machine learning and detect elements of the content to match the interests of the user.

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YouTube has 20 million content partners – they have aggreements to monetize content in YouTube.

Which role does YouTube play within the changing media landscape? “Between Netflix and YouTube, I have been working 13 years in the field of video disruption having disrupted nothing. There has not been much decline in the consumption of classic television. We have just expanded the market.”

However, every platform has introduced greater content diversity which increased engagement of the viewers, Robert concedes. Television has evolved from broadcast to cable and now the Internet led to even more content diversity. Additionally, more and more players enter the field every day and thus increase engagement with video content in general as well as competition in the field.

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