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Collaborative Art and the Internet's True Potential

The last panel of DLD13 is looking at art. Collaborative art, mainly. Connecting through art – reaching out to society rather than reflecting inward – has been a recurring theme in DLD's art discussions this year. And it seems effortlessly incorporated in music video producer, Chris Milk, and digital artist, Aaron Koblin, the panel's two speakers.

Contemporary arts curator, Johannes Fricke Waldthausen (who edited the book 'DLD Arts') is moderating the discussion. To use his own words Aaron Koblin is a "fine arts major and data geek". A combination which results in projects like a music video for musicians Radiohead that uses no actual video, an animated graphic mapping flight patterns and a sheep project (check it out online at

Chris Milk presents himself a filmmaker who studied art. He has moved from making more traditional videos to more interactive pieces, including an interactive immersive environment installation.

“So where does lead this?" Milk asks.

It has lead to the two creators collaborating. They briefly run down some of their project ('The Exquisite Forest', 'Wilderness Downtown' etc.), which feature some impressive crowd-sourcing, and then discuss their intentions.

"When cinema first came into being it was intended as this mass distribution of theatre," Milk says.

"Virtually every medium began by imitating a past medium really," Koblin adds. The two believe that so far the Internet is simply imitating past media. What they want to do is unleash it's full potential. To explore it as a platform.

It's a good final discussion for DLD13 to end on, as it's almost a promise of more things to come. So stay tuned.

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