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After the warm welcome of Yossi Vardi at the Maxsaal, Spencer Reiss, contributing editor of WIRED, interviewed Adobe's CTO Kevin Lynch this morning. Talking about the future of communication and creativity, the mixture of the patterns, and how Adobe is involved in the process assigned a good start into the last day of this year's DLD conference.

Revolutionary for Kevin Lynch is the tablet technology. It changed our communication and the way we work. A touchable surface makes it easier to be creative, and it forced Adobe to develop new products, e.g. Adobe Social, a digital marketing platform.

"Touch is a huge revolution for creativity" "Touch on tablets as great a revolution as the mouse was" - Kevin Lynch

What will be the next thing with influence on creativity? Kevin Lynch is excited about 4K displays which have 4x the Resolution of HD displays to help with exact drawing. Cloud Computing will then help creatives to work together.

"The cloud is helping creative people to find and work together." - Kevin Lynch

Adobe wants to help the creatives with enabling new solutions in the future with a mixture of proprietary and open source/free solutions, a way every company have to go being successful.

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