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Gadi Amit from New Deal Design starts the session with introducing Technology Design which in a nutshell is design to make the Internet of Things industry more accessible. “Very few companies in the internet of things industry have managed to create strong brands” he says. Gadi Amit suggest that Technology Desin can create the transition from “smart data” to “wise data”. The Project “Under Skin” is an example for technology that is literally under our skins and will allow us to collect data on ourselves as well as nurture social interactions through data. Amit finishes with saysing “At New Deal Design we aim to create technologies that look beyond today’s horizons.”

Matthias Ljungman (Atomico) then invites the rest of the panel on stage.

Quotes from the high-tech panel

Brady Forrest from Highway 1: “We’re in the first era of the inernet of things.”

Lars Hinrichs, Cinco Capital: “The internet of things makes environments saver.”

Roman Friedrich, Strategy&: “There’s a need for education because people don’t trust the internet of things yet.”

Niall Murphy, Everything: “A smart product combines physicality and information. We will see products that will know us rather than us needing an instruction manual for them.”

Gadi Amit: “Data is essential for the internet of things, but if you can’t create excitement about the product you will always have difficulty to sell it. Data needs a meaningful context.”

Roman Friedrich, Strategy&: “The internet of things is a chance for Europe to catch up in the online markets.”

Niall Murphy, Everything: “The real effort is to get connected products to communicate with the world wide web.”

Brady Forrest from Highway 1: “Consumers need products that are interactive. I want something like Slack for my home.”

Gadi Amit: “We need patience to find out what the internet of things industry will achieve and what it will look like”

Niall Murphy, Everything: “I think we’re heading to a space where we create products that allow us to share everything we do.”

Brady Forrest from Highway 1: “I don’t need all my objects to be able to tweet but I might want to know its digital identity. So I think there will be a varioation in connectedness.”

Roman Friedrich, Strategy&: “A connected supply chain has greater benefits for the consumer than connecting every object to the web for no reason.”

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Brady Forrest
Vice President
San Francisco
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Roman Friedrich
Strategy& ( formerly Booz & Company)
Strategy& ( formerly Booz & Company)
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Niall Murphy
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
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Mattias Ljungman

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