Connecting the Dots on IoT: Intelligence of Things


Michael Mendenhall, chief marketing and communications officer at Flextronics, talks about a new generation of smart and connected objects that he thinks will transform the industry as well as open the way for new ones.

Flextronics is the 2nd largest manufacturer in the world after foxconn. They have 35 design centers around the world, in total about 200 000 employers. They go from sketch to scale.

Information technology fundamentally changes the nature of products, Michael says. They have been mechanical and electric but now they become complex systems with sensors, data collection and transmission. The term "Internet of Things" that has been adopted isn't neccessarily very helpful to describe this development, Michael thinks. The new wave is about intelligent, connected things. This is going to redefine industry bounderies and introduce adjacencies you haven't seen coming. It will affect businesses from every field.

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