Connecting to Solve Global Problems Differently

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Don Tapscott is one of the world’s leading authorities on innovation, media, and the economic and social impact of technology and advises business and government leaders around the world.

"How can it be that we are not making significant progress on some of the worlds biggest problems?" Tapscott asked. "The killer app for the internet may be saving the planet literally".

Tapscott talked about our new generation of digital natives. Our first global generation! We have a social revolution but why are we not yet solving global problems? The question asked by Tapscott was an eye opener to the way we see world problems and to see what we might not think about in our daily lives.

"We need to change our models for solving problems" and Tapscott talked about how there is not one type of network but many of them. Some of the networks he mentioned: Knowledge networks, Operational & and Delivery Networks, Advocacy Networks, Watchdog Networks, Platforms, Global Standards Networks, Governance Networks and Networked Institutions. These are the networks Tapscott means we need to create new models around.

Tapscott has started a new initiative called The Global Solution Networks Program and he wants us all to join. "We can move to a new age of governance. It´s the age of participation. We need to create platforms where people can make real change and we want you all involved".

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