Consciousness: A Top Down Solution to the Hard Problem

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What is the universe made of? What is the biological basis of awareness?

Two questions which Deepak Chopra addresses with a top down solution.

So, what IS the universe made of? A whole lot of stuff we don't know very much about. The stuff we do know a bit about only makes up a very small portion of the Universe. Roughly .01%. That would be the billions of galaxies, billions and billions of stars, and trillions of planets.

The visible universe is atomic, made up of sub-atomic particles which are, themselves not visible. Not physical things. When they are not being observed they are waves. But where are the waves? In Hilbert space. Where is Hilbert space? It's mathematical. An activity of consciousness.

So what then is the answer to the first question? What is the universe made of?

According to Mr. Chopra, nothing. The universe if made of nothing. The ground of the universe is a ground of infinite possibilities. The cosmos that you see is a human cosmos, it is constructed and conceived in human consciousness.

What is human consciousness? How does it think thoughts, make plans?

"We dance to a cosmic symphony even though we can't name the tune."

Referring back to the previous lecture, Mr. Chopra explains that unlike Artificial Intelligence, human beings are not algorithmic. They are unpredictable. AI is built on algorithms.

How do we experience consiousness? Where are the images we can imagine? Or the sounds we can imagine?

We have no idea how we experience anything.

So who are we?

We are literally star stuff. "We are a stardust being who is self aware." In that self awareness is the key to our evolution. What we call the world is a species specific mode of experience.

After taking people to a 5 day experience, teaching them deep mediation and then examining what was happening to their body and their brains Mr. Chopra and his team also looked at cellular ageing and gene expression.

The results led him to the conclusion that there is a solution to the so called hard problem. That solution? We are asking the wrong questions.

Is consciousness fundamental in the Universe?

Yes. We are a field of consciousness.

The papers from that study have not yet been released, but Mr. Chopra did have one conclusion he could share with the audience as his parting words.

"If our evolution as spiritual beings does not keep pace with or technological development we risk extinction."

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