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The artist and DLD friend Pae White presents her inspirations "spiders and other fabrications". She is also an artist who has collaborated with Nymphenburg Porcelain in the past. Her passion for porcelain was born over ten years ago. She couldn't afford a real Nymphenburg chandelier so she worked with Lithuanian manufacturers. Her work in porcelain is always a variation of real life objects and things as random as popcorn or cars.

After going through several projects of hers which spanned collaborations with an opera house, a pastery shop and the Venice Biennale she is in conversation with Johannes Fricke Waldthausen. All of Pae White's projects have been dependent on collaboration. She says the secret is to trust in the people you work with. She says it's always been easy for her to do that because it's about the process and if pieces break or turn out differently than she might have envisaged them, that is part of the art.

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Pae White
Pae White Studio, Inc.
Pae White Studio, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA
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Johannes Fricke Waldthausen

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