Customers in Context: The Great Chain of Selling

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"The who you are leads to what you do (and buy)" says Alex Willcock who provides visual DNA or quality analytics. The professional panel presents how their different companies all explore the evolving understanding on customers. Brands and customers are increasingly bonding over individuality and identity.

Alex Willcok further prophecies that the shift will be towards the user and customer owning their data and power of decision. In other words the great chain of selling will shift to the great chain of buying. Tania Yuki from Shareablee expands the picture by discussing the challenges in analysing the customers behaviour. Despite being able to collect a lot of data on customers there are still grey areas in knowing the motivation behind any action. Howard Leman from Yext points out that online actions create data that is exchanged for high quality service and quotes the online food delivery service called Seamless as a prime example of frictionless data exchange for service.

Naturally the mobile craze is also discussed by the panel and Maelle Gavet from Ozon makes clear that the mobile wave does depend on the quality of internet connection available to you. As she says in Russia she hardly uses her mobile device for many services as the user experience is just nor enjoyable due to low connectivity. Still, in her view there's an ecosystem that has evolved around online shopping. Spencer Reiss wraps up the panel with Howard Leman presenting his "snap chat for grownups" - watch that space!

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