Danish Dynamite


Jimmy Maymann from Huffington Post and Bjarke Ingels share today DLDNYC stage and make some Danish dynamite explode through a great conversation about architecture, design, cities and nature. The iconic IAC Building is in fact the right place for talking about architecture. So, what can we learn from this discipline? “Whennever you make a project you have the possibility of changing the world”, states Bjarke.

One of the most powerful factors of his work, if not the most one, is to bring the nature back, integrate it into the DNA of the buildings. Techniques for bringing the sunlight to every corner of the interiors, making it possible to sky from the top of a construction, buildings offering exciting climbing walls or towers with twice as much surface in the top than in the bottom, multiplying the possibility of taking advantage of the sun and the views and emulating a plant blooming up to the sky.
Bjarke has a clear philosophy, architecture is not just a question of style, of making it ugly or beautiful, but a question of what city do we want to live in.

When talking about sustainability, Jimmy and Bjarke bring out the concept of hedonistic sustainability: taking care of the environment does not have to be a sacrifice, on the contrary, it has to make life more enjoyable.

“Design is turning the practical into poetry”. The secret is avoiding to impose a form arbitrarily and trying to take the forces surrounding the project and make them part of the product.

Regarding his experience working for Google, the architect has found out that tech companies have a huge respect for the value of design and research.

Bjarke Ingels founded his company, BIG, 10 years ago. 230 people are working today in it and when Jimmy asks him about his role in the company, he declares that while most people tend to start a company and become the CEO, he just wants to come up with new ideas, solve problems, make buildings and try to enjoy the most.

Innovation and rethinking the way we do things is core in the world of architecture, but for Bjarke it is not just about going crazy and think outside the box. It is essential to plan carefully, explore and only then move the boundaries.

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