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The world of art and e-commerce is merging.

In the next five years one of the last industries to resist technological change will take a great leap in the digital sphere. The connective power of the Internet is evolving into a potential bearing device for artists, collectors, and their world in general.

Carter Cleveland is the founder and CEO of, a free platform where users can discover, learn about, and collect art.'s goal is to make all the world's art accessible to anyone with an internet connection. is powered by The Art Genome Project — an ongoing study of the characteristics that distinguish and connect works of art. creates new pathways for discovering art through 800+ characteristics (called “genes”). Users can discover works through connections between art-historical movements, subject matter, and formal qualities, creating infinite serendipitous opportunities for discovery and learning.

DLD13 conference Munich - "patterns that connect" - Germany January 20-22, 2013

Carter Cleveland ( and Michaela de Pury (Philipps de Pury & Co.)

What differentiate from others? It's combining art and science, the core value of the New York based start-up. Art & Science? It's like mixing oil and water you'd may say. It's the educational perspective you have to choose. Finding art on the internet is not so easy. Learn something about art? There has been no platform. Building is building a comprehensive educational data base. Everyone has access to every kind of art produced worldwide. An internet connection is the only "thing" you need.

People working for have a strong technological background but also a huge passion for art. To reach a good quality partners with a lot of galleries, museums and art fairs. The platform is still open to learn to guarantee a good quality recommended to the users.

How to get artists on the platform? There's still a huge gap between the art and the internet - it needs a lot of empathy, and explanations to make sure the artists realize technology is just a tool. But also the users need empathy to feel comfortable and welcome to the art world. Seems to be successful: as of December 2012,'s website has over 100,000 users and 7,5 Mio. impressions.

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