Design's Trilogy: Creativity, Tradition, Innovation

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In this session, two creative visionaries will come together to discuss individual projects, along with their hybrid collaboration that is re-defining the rules of fashion, and breaking the boundaries of design. Lapo Elkann and Sam Handy have managed to maintain their independence, while bringing authenticity to their companies’ core concepts. Both recognize the importance of heritage, while, simultaneously, venturing into the future of design. Elkann and Handy have been able to harness new technologies and ideas, leading to intelligent, thoughtful, and creative designs. As the title suggests, this panel will address the three keys to design: creativity, tradition, and innovation.

After a nice introduction of Steffy Czerny and Hans Ulrich Obrist, Yana Peel asked her guests Sam and Lapo what both have done the last couple of days they spend together. Pretty easy: they compared styles, shared styling tips, and talked about future collaborations building new things together. Last year Lapo and Sam created great footwear for adidas originals. But this week there's something big coming. At opti Munich, the international trade show for optics and design, one of the biggest eyewear fairs in Europe they announced a 4-years-partnership between the Italian creative and British designer for adidas originals. The result will unique designs, inspired by hipster, urban, skater and many more design influences.

DLD16 Conference Munich - "THE NEXT! NEXT" - January 17-19, 2016

Lapo Elkann

"I have never heard a no."

Lapo Elkann said about his relationship with adidas. That enables him to try new technologies and approaches to get better ever time. The challenge in this relationship? How to combine all the influences and still stay adidas originals. Sam Handy loves to build perfect things and customization is key. There's an unlimited amount of creativity out there. Why not using it? That's why adidas is opening up to customization for building perfect things but also enabling consumers to be creative. Only a brave brand, which is powerful enough, is authentic and celebrate creativity can do it, Handy argued about adidias' success. Because adidas is believing in the power of their brand they have such a huge success and can attract the best athletes, musicians and designers in the world to create the best products. DLD16 Conference Munich - "THE NEXT! NEXT" - January 17-19, 2016

Sam Handy

Why is customizing key? Elkann gave us a nice example. Pireli is not only well known for its annual calendar, it is famous for its tires, but "black is boring". Lapo Elkann's customers are dreaming of colored tires. They drive blue Maseratis and red Ferraris, why not having colored tires. Pirelli can do it.

"Strong brands should not fear personalization and customization, it's a great marketing/advertising strategy."

Customization fundamentally gives customers creative control by creating their idea of perfect.

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