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Digital transformation is quick, it´s simultaneous, it´s omnipresent. It´s no less than the next wave of an industry revolution! Businesses, customers and employees are already used to interact, work and buy in digital spheres. This enables employees to have highly attractive working conditions and to contact people more easily with mobile cross-channel solutions. Simone Menne takes the view that nowadays the fast are eating the slow, so it´s essential to take part at Digital Transformation. Digital is the new normal!

Digital is the new normal. We now see digital transformation every day in our daily life and at the office as a manager like Simone Menne, CFO of Lufthansa. She never got so clear feedback before joining the intranet or internet. Power and hierarchy is not working together anymore. Customers have access to your data, to your competitor's data, to other customer's reviews. Even your competitors have access to your data - but this works vice versa. Brand is not important anymore.

That's why Lufthansa need to change. Democratic structures leads to a disruptive processes and improvement. Travel is not only getting from A to B anymore. It might be an adventure for you or an excitement. Lufthansa now involves their employees to add their ideas using crowdfunding and gamification. Employees need to be more excited to add excitement to the customers, because the touch point to the customer is very, very important.

Lufthansa needs to get faster. But how to set up an environment of try and error if you learned for ages that 100% safety is key? How can you set up a rapid prototyping? How was it possible to turn the "Fanhansa" into the "Siegerflieger" over night at the Soccer World Championship after Germany's win? They were prepared, they had a Plan B ("Thank you, Boys!"), and could act fast because of digital transformation and the on-going cultural change within the company.

Digital transformation is really fun, Simone told us. There are a lot more possibilities to move as a fast and agile company. Success is now independent of gender, age, hierarchy and brand. For example, Lufthansa uses smaller airlines like Austrian Airlines to experiment, innovate and try new stuff before implementing it on corporate level. Innovation is now the focus of the company and 500 million Euros are invested for its own digital innovation hub.

What will be the future of travel? In Simone Menne's opinion: Individualization, to unbundle the journey, predictive marketing to provide a tailor-made offer.

DLDw14 Conference – “Relevance!” – Munich, Germany, July 2014 © Jan Haas

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