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Digital marketing

New trends and upcoming problems in online advertising

Digital Markting seems to be this year's Monday Morning Highlight! Our speakers talked about the opportunities of digital advertising and put a flashlight on future possibilities. As the Digital Marketing industry is highly fragmented it wasn't possible to have a speaker for every single sector on stage but Christoph Schuh had a couple of brilliant people talking about "What's next" at the main fields of activities.

It's war of data and we are fighting for data. Florian Heinemann, Co-Founder of Rocket Internet and one of the biggest marketing spender of Europe (e.g. Zalando), thinks the best owner for data is Google with its Google Adverts System. You need data to be stored in a place with equal conditions for everyone for Display advertising so the data-driven ecosystem can involve. But today only a few have access to the data. Robert Lang (Criteo), Marketing expert, has nearly the same thoughts. Data is used to generate business and a couple of neutral hosts will help to operate data, processing it to find the relevant data.

"The company who stores Data has to be completely neutral for people to trust it." - Florian Heinemann

"Digging in your data is core for every business!" - Robert Lang

WPP digital CEO Mark Read thinks different - every company should own its own data and only make copies for different use cases. It's not about ownership, it's about operation!

DLD13 conference Munich - "patterns that connect" - Germany January 20-22, 2013

from left to right: Christoph Schuh (Moderator), Florian Heinemann (Project a Ventures), Robert Lang (Criteo), Mark Read (WPP digital), Stéphanie Hospital (Orange digital), Michael Rubenstein (AppNexus)

A click is not the best currency everyone agrees. But are there other currencies online for marketing/advertising? Do we have to find a unified way to analyze online and offline to find the best way for brands? Or maybe it's better to have a long-time relationship with the brand?

Just think again about the future. 2015 - How will real time bidding change? Michael Rubenstein: "RTB is growing 100%+ each year, by 2015 it will be bigger than whole display in 2010." RTB as the new app. for Buyers and Sellers to find each other. It will be fully integrated into all the ecosystems with online auctions for every single impression within a giant global auction system. What does it mean for advertisers? WPP media agency perspective: "if we can target users on your site better than you can, why should we pay a premium" Cross effects from offline and online need to be understand, this will become necessary for every advertiser in the future.

But: "It's useless to have data if you don't know how to use it for." - Stéphanie Hospital

An other aspect is the mobile evolution. Mobile data consumption involves and other mechanics, other structures need to be developed. What will be the most effectively way and how it is to monetize? Can we close the gap in the future? Today a lot of companies doesn't even have a mobile-optimized webpage. This is a huge loss of opportunities.

It's perfect targeting a way out? The Business of Criteo for example is to show the right ad to the right person at the right time. This can't be the future as a woman from the audience declared. "The intelligence way is to welcome a person in your story, not targeting! Welcome Mrs. xyz with the beautiful red dress, do you want to have red shoes? Not: Hello, middle-aged lady with the red dress." Sounds a little bit scary.

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