Digital Storytelling: Surfing the Video Explosion

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This panel, moderated by Henry Blodget from Business Insider, kicks off with the story how Business Insider started and how content online needs to be different than offline content. Video TV online needs to be radically different than standard TV and in order to be successful you need a team which focuses 100% on digital storytelling and is able to do things differently. Digital storytelling is different on three dimensions: business, the way of storytelling and distribiution. Traditional articles can be successful online as well pictures and video but the things that are really successful online are: picture stories, live blogs, updates, texts, tweets, snaps, vines. Henry also raises the questions whether TV is dead and answers it with a firm "No". TV ads are still rising though not intensively growing. Mobile however is the only movement that grows and ultimately money will follow this movement.
After the short introduction the the panel discussion starts including Jamel Edwards (SB.TV), Jimmy Maymann (CEO of Huffington Post), Stefan Schulz (CEO of Watchever/Watchever hit a 6 digit number of new customers last year in Germany and is known as the Netflix of Germany.) and Shahrzad Rafati (Broadband TV/ Broadband TV provides content online and bulding communities as a "middle men". It has 1 billion views per month and 100 million subscribers. ). Henry ask what people are watching and what will make money. Stefan mentions intruiging TV shows as a best seller such as "Breaking Bad". Also there is a difference between long and short term special interest form. Interviews and niche videos target a specific market and can only be done with the financial funding such as with Huffington Post. Jamel refers to videos that are either shocking, funny or scary which can attract and draw people in. Another issue is distribution as there is so much content online that discovery becomes the problem. TV is here to stay and online videos will grow and have a great future.

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