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The most impactful technological advancements are not in the once dreamed-about, they are the ones that enable on-demand access to critical resources, without the friction of intermediation.

On this panel, three businesses that are emblematic of this disruptive shift towards direct access discuss how the next generation of technology is changing the way businesses compete.

First of all, Danae Ringelmann, Founder of IndieGoGo. IndieGoGo is the largest global crowdfunding platform, empowering anyone, anywhere, anytime, to raise funds for any idea. “Anyone can build a campaign. And we help.” Second, Gary Swart, CEO of oDesk. oDesk is worlds largest online platform designed to connect employers with freelancers. “What we’re seeing is people creating their own profiles on oDesk and leaving their firms, understanding they can have freedom, flexibility, jobs of their choosing and multiple clients.” Last but not least, Oleg Tscheltzoff, Founder & CEO of Fotolia. Fotolia is a microstock photography agency that offers affordable creative imagery with a crowdsourced library including millions of royalty-free images. “With the digital market, there’s more online communication with Facebook, Twitter, etc. More photos are needed. More cheap photos or even priceless. That's why Fotolia is a benefit and needed.”

DLD13 conference Munich - "patterns that connect" - Germany January 20-22, 2013

Olec Tschetzoff, Gary Swart, Danae Ringelmann, David Liu (moderator)

With a view on the macro world, for Gary Swart the main points are technology(Internet), globalization and economy. Globalization. As the world becomes increasingly global, businesses are increasingly free from the limitations of local hiring. Online work enables employers to find the best possible candidate to fulfill their job, not just the ones that are able to commute to a physical office. Technological advancements now allow people to work together seamlessly in ways never before possible. As economic shifts have forced business to do more with less, this has caused them to seek out smarter, innovative staffing solutions.

The panel is an introduction of the three very interesting amazing but different businesses. But in one point they agree: future. They all follow best practices like Facebook or Paypal, etc., trust, safety and always improve the quality. The focus is on the consumer and their satisfaction. The need for creativity has no limits.

It is great to see how the digital market increases in these different areas. To this, Gary Swart says something very interesting about the future: “By 2020, we think one in three people in North America will be working online.”

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