Diversity Beyond Gender

Achleitner derycker talk

Paul Achleitner, (Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Band) is not sure whether diversity shall only be focused on women. In his view it's more about talents. The fundamental question we have asked ourselves over generations is whether we want to select our talents by genes or achievement? Even though achievement plays a bigger role nowdays, some processes in a company are still difficult and makes it hard to support more women in leadership roles.

Digitalization nowadays allows for more information, which should also allow for better judgement. But the amount of data is not equal a similar amount of information increase. This leads us to preselect our data which in turn enforces stereotypes and incomplete information.

Breaking new grounds involves using information and talent to push customer needs. Henry Ford famously said if I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said, faster horses.

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Paul Achleitner
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