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Gregor Hackmack is head of Germany and co-founder of, an independent platform, which gives German citizens the possibility to ask public questions and receive public answers from their members of parliament over the Internet. Together with his colleague Sebastian Schütz , he is also working as online campaigners for the world's largest platform for social change:

The beauty is: everyone can set up a campaign online!

Got interested? Here are 3 tips you should always have in the back of your mind before setting up a campaign:

1. Clear objectives

People need to feel that their signature actually makes a difference, so tell them why!

2. Storytelling

As humans, people want to relate to one another. Make your campaign personal!

3. Events

After gaining your signatures – what’s next? Think about events, reach to your followers and maybe host demonstrations and information events. Spread the word!

Gregor Hackmack and his team hope, that at some point everyone of us will become campaigners and change the world for the better. It is easier and much more effective than we think!

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