ONLINE/ OFFLINE - Angelo Plessas Projections & Exploring Consciousness Workshop

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DLD Arts 2017

Online/Offline Balance

Johannes Fricke Waldthausen´s Goodroom presents Angelo Plessas

For DLD ARTS 2017 (#DLDARTS) Johannes Fricke Waldthausen ´s Angelo Plessas concerning Online / Offline Balance . It raises questions, how we deal with our relations and the relationship to ourselves (your feelings are your best friend) , if we are increasingly surrounded and conditioned by animations, social networks, ambient technology and artificial intelligence apps, suggesting us ever more, what and how to feel and what to like. Hence, It highlights the body and our own creative minds. To add to this perspective during DLD2017, GOODROOM and Plessas, together with mindfulness-coach Shirin Ourmutchi, are hosting an "expanding consciousness“ workshop, exploring the link between mindfulness practice, intuition and creative self-expression. How can we stay more present and connected to our own creativity in a world deeply infused by more and more smart technology ?

Plessas is participating at the prospective Documenta 14 (Athens venue opening April 2017) investigates the changing role of art and social relations in times of the internet. His main body of work are interactive websites made in a stark graphic style, form and color. These often resemble sculptural portraits of imaginary characters or other sides of himself alternating between funny and poignant, mystical and romantic. Some other times these websites explore concepts of creative writing and they result in impromptu situations like poetry readings or DIY theatrical performances. He is interested in the poetry of this mind-set, a computer related abstract poetry using the iconography of both ancient and contemporary references fused with open-source software and self-examination technologies. His internet work extends into the physical world from artist residencies to self-publishing, from public sculptures to live-stream events leading to educational projects. His work has been exhibited internationally in venues including Centre Pompidou and Jeu de Paume, Paris; the DESTE Foundation for Contemporary Art and National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens; and Frieze Projects 2013, London and upcoming projects include Documenta 14 in Athens and Kassel. He is a Fulbright alumnus and the 2015 recipient of the DESTE Prize.

Since 2012 he organizes and curates annually the Eternal Internet Brotherhood. A collaborative workshop, hosting a program of activities and events featuring artists, writers and poets meeting every year in a different and remote setting in the world. He most recently initiated the Noospheric Society as part of the Documenta 14 Public Programme in Athens and another residency program entitled Experimental Education Protocol.

Further, DLD Veteran and Serpentine s Gallery Star Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist will hosts a series of panel conversations with Kaspar König, Thomas Bayerle (15.01, 11pm) and multimedia artist Simon Denny (16.01.12pm)