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When Art and Technology Merge

Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin have designed a pretty cool gift for DLD13 attendees: the DLD Tree. It's derived from 'The Exquisite Forest', a project the two collaborated on for the Tate Modern.

“We thought, 'wouldn’t it be interesting is we could create a system where people could completely steer the direction of the narrative of a piece with their own contribution,” Milk explains their motivation, while Koblin nods next to him.

Previously the artist, Koblin (who also leads the Data Arts Team in Google’s Creative Lab), and music video producer, Milk, worked on 'The Johnny Cash Project' together. "As soon as we met I knew we should collaborate on a crowd-sourced video," Koblin says. Millions of people ended up taking part. Every participant submitted an images for the video to Johnny Cash's song 'Ain't No Grave'. The DLD13 audience is only seeing small selection today, but it's enough to show the time and effort that went into every drawing. "We needed an artist that was universally loved for ta crowd-sourced music video to work well – and with Cash we found that."

The duo were particularly struck how some of the images submitted by people were trying to break free from the narrative. "They wanted to make it their own," Milk says. That realisation led to 'The Exquisite Forest', a three-part project with a website, and an installation and contribution centre both at the Tate Modern in London.

Come Tuesday DLD attendees are going to be asked to take part in their own DLD Tree. Should be exciting!

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