DLD L2 Academy - Workshopping in New York


L2 Academy has joined DLD for offering a series of executive education breakout sessions that will provide DLDnyc attendees with strategic frameworks and helpful ideas to achieve key objectives in digital.

L2 Founder Scott Galloway, who also performed a brilliant speech on stage for us, is accompanied by Co-Founder & Head Research Maureen Mullen for leading the workshops.

Seven different topics compose an interesting program:

One of the most interactive and intense sessions is the Leadership Discussion, where the analysis of some of the most important retail brands and their strategies for digital immerse the participants into a conversation about common problems faced by leaderships in the digital areas: there is a correlation between age and business maturity while there is an inverse correlation between age and digital skills. Therefore, do we have to wait 10 years until all these really young and really talented people acquire the right level of maturity or should we make an effort for providing the older generation with the required digital knowledge? What can be done in order to improve the quality of recruitment for positions involving digital, since HR departments tend to suffer a lack of insights in the area?

The Digital Organization is one of the next sessions. Attendees discover why “no one size fits all” for answering the one million dollar question: Which is the best strategy for digital. While some brands go for promoting digital capacities internally, others have chosen to hire digital leaders externally. How does your organization need to change in order to adapt? Where are you today?

How is people moving in the digital work market? Linkedin shows 307 people who once worked in Procter & Gamble working now at Amazon. Besides, just one person who once worked in Amazon and is currently working at Procter & Gamble is to be found in the world’s largest business network. This is only one example of the whole picture: there is a dramatically higher percentage of individuals moving from Brand to Technology platforms than the other way around.

Other sessions will help us learning best practices for a great omnichannel experience, how brands engage customers with content or how can companies achieve greater ROI in essential platforms as Instagram or Amazon by analyzing the approach and performance of many other brands in these platforms.

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