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James Whittaker, App Developer working for Microsoft, wakes us up.

"Let's talk about the future because the present pisses me off."

Today we have two options to get information: open the browser and use a search engine or go to the App Store. It's a hunt and gathering. We all are in the hunting and gathering mode, and it sucks! Only 1 % of the Apps in the App Store is making money. Well, why are developers still doing something like that?

James' teenage daughter sent him an email about a band called "Of Monsters and Men" and their concert at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle - and the hunt starts. The hunt for the date and the tickets. Is there an easier way?

Or seeing a movie in a movie theatre. There's an app who's telling when's the perfect time to pee and what you will miss being on the toilet. Everyone has to pee and a lot of people love to go to cinemas. But with the App you only reach the people who install your app, and most of them don't install it because of the App, it's installed because of the functionality.

Let's domesticate it!

Bring the internet to the point where it is needed - remember the mail of James' daughter? With CSS3 and JavaScript et cetera you can have functionality in your mail. All the information about the band and the music can be in your email. Are you looking for some vacations? Do you use a travel app, are you reading travel websites and blogs? It's possible to just use your calendar to book flights and apartments.

Take aways: Capture intent where it first occurs. Expose Knowledge to resolve intent. Make functionality a verb. Web and Apps are ubiquitous.

Everything already exists! A lot of APIs offers so much more functionality to do it. Just do it!

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