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Silicon Valley is not the only player anymore. Europe has some very interesting Start-ups coming up. What can now the US learn from the Europe's industry and vice versa? The Internet and digital technologies are the world’s most explosive generators of new value--can it also power broader economic growth? What are the obstacles to a Silicon Europe? Where are the opportunities? And what will it take to get there?

Diane Brady talks about this European Competitiveness with the new CEO of Deutsche Telekom, Timotheus Hoettges, the competitor Unitymedia KabelBW's CEO Lutz Schueler, Paul-Bernhard Kallen (CEO of Hubert Burda Media), and Peter Vesterbacka, CMO of Rovio, hatchers of "Angry Birds".

Tim Hoettges' goal as the new CEO of one of Germany's biggest telecommunication company is to spend every Euro to build up a better infrastructure and network. There's a 700 Billion Euro gap of underinvesting who needs to be minimized, otherwise industry is moving out of Europe. It's now time to react. The data traffic grows worldwide, the industry in the US and in Asia is still growing, but in Europe it shrinks! For Tim Hoettges one reason is the variety of more than 200 carriers is one problem. Another reason is the mentality of Europe which is totally different compared with the Valley. In both cases there's not a lot of space to survive and to grow. There's a systematic error in our system, he says. The infrastructure is not developed as it should be.

His competitor Lutz Schueler agrees: "We shouldn't end up as a dumb pipe." Even Peter Vesterbacka nodded about it: "It's easier to do business in China than in Germany or Europe." With more than 200 carriers in Europe you have a huge problem. Think about Angry Bird, doing deals with every carrier isn't very easy. But with Apple and Google and their stores it became easier the last year. It's their problem to deal with this complexity.

What should be changed in Europe? Paul-Bernhard Kallen gives the answer. It shouldn't be a difference if your server is in Luxembourg or in Munich. But at the moment it is. You have 19% sales taxes in Germany and none in Luxembourg - this shapes industries.

Europe is regulated in everything we do. We need more space on our playing field. But: Who's going to pay for it? The government? The customer? Lutz Schueler suggests more opportunities to monetize our selfs, because even Deutsche Telekom is a dwarf compared to the Googles of the world. And how can we keep our data out of the US as Europeans, Peter invents. Who's a friend? Who's fiend? Edward Snowdon is might be the best marketing strategy for European IT companies.

Well, let's do good business for both sides, work together, and don't fight against each other. Develop the best consumer experience with the best infrastructure for new solutions and real innovations from Europe!

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