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In his new role of European Comissioner for Digital Economy and Society Günther Oettinger is true to our motto “It’s only the beginning …”. He will give an insight into his agenda for the next years and point out which political framework is needed on the way to create a thriving digital ecosystem in Europe.

Günther Oettinger as part of the European Comission talked about the planned Digital Framework. He spoke about the offer of the comission to fulfill the vision of a complete digital market for Europe. At the moment the 28 members of the EU with its 510 Million people from producers to consumers has one market for food, Bordeaux, cars - but a fragmented market for digital. 28 regulations, data protection rules, rugulators exists. This is not very attractive for start-ups and investors. There Is no open field for them.

The US-market seems to be more attractive because the 50 states act like one without national regulations. It's a fast growing single market. How can Europe compete with it? Only as one European Digital Market, Oettinger explained. We need less policy and more common policy, we need teamwork - political and legal.

How can we reach this? 1.) In May the commission wants to publish their strategy for the digital and by the end of the year a decision about the one data regulation in Europe should be passed. 2.) Their will be a decision about data security by the mid of this year for one transparent understanding between all players on the European market. 3.) The last copyright law is from 2001 - before the digital revolution started in reality. Europe need a fair and balanced copyright regulation. The commission is constantly meet with stakeholders, because "if we don't establish some rules, there will be no real ambition to go into this market."

Europe still needs to improve the digital infrastructure, but who is responsible? What can be leveraged? What can be co-financed by the industry? Oettinger promised broadband and fast internet within the next 5 years even in rural areas. The EU commission has to minimize risks for telcos and private investors and then we should be on the same level as South Korea and the US until 2020. But it's just the beginning ...

But is Europe over-regulated, asked Ulrich Reitz? Yes, 28 different regulations about data protection and we can cut them down to one in Europe. We need some regulations soon because not only media is part of the digital revolution. Even classical industries like the automobile industry is affected by the digital revolution. We need digital strategies for the industry to survive. It's better be part of the revolution otherwise you maybe will be destroyed. New jobs will be created others will be gone. Education will be key, we have to learn more about digital and digital engineering.

Seems like Europe is in a battle with the US or even a competitor - especially when it comes to Google, Jeff Javis asked as the discussion was opened to the audience. Oettinger don't want to destroy Google, but want it to regulate it to bring them on legal European way. Well, than it is a competition and a partnership as well, but never a battle.

What about net neutrality? Oettinger thinks this is one of the sensitive points he needs to take care of at the EU commission. Open access is key, he explained. There can't be discrimination in the EU. That's why the EU needs one standard guaranteed for everyone.

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