Everlasting Love?

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Patricia Riekel (editor in chief of Bunte) starts the discussion with a lecture on how love between men and women diverges. While women want sex because of love, men want sex at first place and love follows eventually but not always. Being the editor in chief of a celebrity magazine she followed many stories of celebrities across the world. The interest of the public in celebrity love stories is mirrored in the need of people for love. However, the perception of love changed in society. The efficiency aspect of love and what the individual gets out from it has become more important. How should we ulitmately love? For Riekel, love is to let go and to have no expectations and no regrets. Maria Bragagna, a physician who founded the Academy for Sexual Health, in 2009, continues to talk about how to deal with sexual related issues. The usual problem her patients are confronting her is a couple's mismatch in their sexual desires. The first step is to stop blaming each other and search for guilt but to search for the root cause of the problem. Maria Furtwängler-Burda ask about what Bragagna recommends to solve sexual undesire. Bragagna suggests to to get naked and to look and explore at each other. "Before there is intercourse, there have to be content." For Bragagna, female look at them as aestethic objects including their genitals, whereas men look at them as sensual objects. Hence, women often times feel ugly with limits their sexual desire. The solution is to get rid of the aestethic expectations women have regarding their bodies. "Aestethic has nothing to do with erotic" accroding to Bragagna.

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