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Artist Rafael Rosendaal shows us the beauty of browser art and finding simplicity in the internet.

Rosendaal shows example of his works living in a browser. Infinite growth is a website piling up dollar bills. While it looks like an animation, it is based on a script, so the stacks will always pile up differently.

Another work is a script that makes every website you are browsing text-free. Rosendaal sees his work as an ongoing research. Pleaselike.com is a website with a single like button, you can like or not.

Each work has it's own domain name. Rosendaal has created about 100 websites since 2000. He also sells the works, the owner is then mentioned on the website.

Rosendaal aims to make art more accessible. He likes to discover an audience beyond the art world. His websites reach 35 million visitors a year which is more than the Louvre. He encourages other artists to explore this field.

The funny thing with browser art is that the website can exist at the same time all around the world. It is a new kind of canvas. "A website should be like gas filling up a potential space," Rosendaal frames it. You are not bound to a specific size. As a final illustration, Rosendaal shows how his work has recently been displayed in Korea, on the largest outdoor screen in Asia.

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