Fixing Education for the AI Age

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Without doubt, Artificial Intelligence will soon enough impact every aspect of our lives. How can education profit from machine learning systems? And what are the most important skills we need to teach the next generation? Charlie Muirhead, Founder and CEO of CognitionX, hosts a panel with Dr. Rose Luckin, (UCL Knowledge Lab), Tabitha Goldstaub (Project Placed), Conrad Wolfram (Wolfram Group), Esther Wojcicki (Media Arts Center at Palo Alto High) and Jürgen Schmidhuber (The Swiss A.I. Lab IDSIA).

DLD17 Conference Day 2

Tabitha Goldstaub

• Project Placed is a private social network focusing on experiental education

• students learn skills they will need on the job market

• from getting appointments to pitching and managing projects to declining clients

• education does often times still not cover these job-oriented skills

DLD17 Conference Day 2

Rose Luckin

• AI can help to fix the inequalities of education

• the system still privileges the privileged

• it is not about replacing teachers, but the right blend

• AI systems can provide specialized tutoring not just for maths, physics, but also for languages, so students aren't left behind anymore

• we need to get rid of the stop and test mentality

• the constant testing costs a billion pounds in the UK

• the system is cheatable, you can even pay to get a better grade

• assessment causes anxiety, students perform worse

• AI opens up the black box of learning

DLD17 Conference Day 2

Esther Wojcicki

• tech-based teaching at Media art Center at Palo Alto High

• skills you need for the 21st century

• in America, we have 5.4 million open jobs without people with the right skills to fill them

• you have to change the mindset not just of teachers, but of the community

• usual education is focused on passing tests, not on teaching cooperation and communication skills

• AI can give more leverage to change the system

DLD17 Conference Day 2

Conrad Wolfram

• builds software for 30 years

• goal to fix mass education around the world

• we need to rethink how we teach maths

• reasons to teach maths

– technical jobs

– everyday living

– logical thinking

• Math is about four different skills:

1 define

2 translate

3 computing

4 interprete

• only the third one is being taught in school by calculating

• develop a curriculum that assumes computers do exist – no country has done that yet!

DLD17 Conference Day 2

Jürgen Schmidhuber

• builds a general purpose artificial intelligent assistant, who is on a small scale also capable of emotional responses

• the concept of MOOCs is around for a while, in the 70s there were already approaches of interactive TV tutoring programs

• natural language learning today offers a better system to adapt to the specific needs of a student

• best skills to learn today: basics of physics, maths and social skills and then build from there

• prepare to continue to learn your whole life, always stay open and be curious about what the future holds

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