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The FOCUS Digital Star Award celebrates its second anniversary. In cooperation with DLD, FOCUS is awarding the "Digital Innovation Leader" 2015. Moderated by Susann Remke

It's the third annual award of FOCUS for German entrepreneurship. Yes, Germany has an entrepreneur scene! Germany is a land of ideas, visionaries, innovations to shape a modern digital world.

The winner of the main category "Digital Innovation of the Year": Kreditech - a start-up from Hamburg who wants to be cooler than banking. Banking is one of the sections who will be newly designed through digitalization and Kreditech wants to be the banking standard of tomorrow, Sebastian Diemer (CEO) said accepting the award.

The winner of the newcomer award "Digital Perspective": Relayr with wunderbar, a starterkit for the internet of things and easy as chocolate.

The winner of the "Editor's Choice Award": moovel, a daughter company of the automobile company Daimler. Moovel is the company behind myTaxi, car2go (which is btw the biggest car sharing company in the world), and park2gether.


Susann Remke had some additional time to talk to the winners. The start-ups talked about how hard and tough it was to get funded in Germany. It's almost impossible to get money in Germany for a bright and bold idea. Kreditech gained its money mostly from Silican Valley and Israeli inverstors. Sebastian Diemer thought German investors don't think big enough, not global enough for such ideas. But if you think globally the money will follow. Kreditech collected approx. 75 Mio. Dollars from investors.

Moovel as part of Daimler has a better situation if it comes to money and they are able to act as a start-up within a company - a very lucky position.

The CEO of Relayr added, we definitely need more business angels with higher investments. In Germany you got only 3-5,000 Euros per round, in the US it's 300-500,000 - and politics should definitely stay out of it. It would be better for the growing start-up scene in Germany.

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