Friending the news

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Following the Brexit Vote and the US Election, the filter bubble and the possibility to distribute fake news to large audiences via social media have been seen as critical factors for the unexpected outcome. In conversation with Jeff Jarvis, Dan Rose, Facebook’s vice president of partnerships, discusses the platform’s relationship with news agencies and response to the fake news crisis.

Dan Rose

• Facebook announced a new journalist program this week

• aware they play an important role in the media landscapes, people often discover news and other media types via facebook

• aim to involve journalists earlier on into their product developments and provide more tools for their work

• initially facebook was a platform to reach large audiences, but over the last 10 years, partners expressed their wish to have a direct revenue stream within facebook

• over the last couple of months facebook developed a subscription program for news media companies

• the company changed its policy to allow branded content / native advertising in the timeline last year

• they have just acquired CrowdTangle to provide better insights and analytics

• addressing the problem of 'fake news'-distribution, facebook hired third-party fact checkers who will mark 'disputed news' as such; people that have shared those posts will also be notified about their status; this feature will roll out in Germany in the next few weeks

• 'disputed news' cannot be sponsored

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Jeff jarvis quadr
Jeff Jarvis
CUNY Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism
Professor & Director
CUNY Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism
Basking Ridge, NJ
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Dan Rose
Vice President of Partnerships
Menlo Park

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