From Museums to Playstations

Museums to playstations

"This is about art and play", Gabi Czöppan, art editor of Focus magazine introduces the panel. She is joined by Max Hollein, director of Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt, Thomas Alt, CEO of Metaio and Sophia George, artist and co-founder of independent game studio Swallowtail Games.

Hollein starts to speak about digital strategies in mueums. Augmented reality can be used to lay out the stories and context of the artworks. However, we shouldn't fill up the museum with digital enhancements too much either because the average time of museum visits haven't changed. The average time invested into a visit is 10 minutes to 1 hour. Therefore the focus should be on the objects within the exhibition, while offering a digital platform to spend more time with the works beyond the museum visit. It doesn't make too much sense to create a virtual experience of the museum within the museum.

Thomas Alt agrees with Hollein: Building virtual exhibitions doesn't do the trick. Alt says what his company Metaio is trying is to teach mobile devices to see the environment. The idea is to create context through the devices. You are in a real environment that is augmented with additional content.

Gabi Czöppan asks Sophia George if gamification could also be a digital strategy of museums to raise interest in exhibitions. Sophia says, it can make sense, especially for kids, but she doesn't see games just as a strategy, but also as a content for museums. Games can be a form of art themselves.

As the panel is already running out of time Czöppan recommends to go and visit the museums and explore its digitization and accompanying media soon.

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