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Frédéric Court interviews David Marcus, Vice President of Messaging Products at Facebook, to speak about the future of messaging.

David has left Paypal last year to join Facebook. He has no regrets whatsoever, he is in awe with the company's culture. "It feels like being at a startup with a massive distribution."

Since Facebook has acquired instagram and whatsapp, why do they still need messenger? David thinks there's a difference, instagram and facebook are both feed products whille messenger and what's app are more private communication tools. In some markets messenger is stronger, in others what's app. Messenger also offer a richer media experience, you can send, photos, videos, make high definition calls and send stickers.

Frederic asks if Snapchat isn't missing in Facebook's portfolio or: Is there anyone below 20 left on Facebook? David thinks so, he brings in his teenage daughter and all her friends that are still using Facebook.

Before the talk ends they briefly touch upon privacy protection, which company to invest in and why Facebook is not regulated as a telecommunication service.

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