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Ursula von der Leyen starts as the first speaker with three preconditions for the future of work: First, demographic change will lead to a rapid aging population in 2050. However, second, the age is not how old you are but how old you feel. How do stay agile will be crucial. Third, due to the aging population across the world, companies need to find the hidden potential. Women are still a hidden potential but women participation does not come out of nowhere. If we go back to today's world and look at the board of one major German DAX company, we find only male board members. Ursula asks: What is wrong with the company with thousand of employees that is not able to nominate one single women as a board member. The future of work will be driven by flexibility. Digitalization enables you to decide how to work, however it will also lead to a life of fragmentation. The question to discuss will be whether this brave new world give us real freedom and competence? With this questions, the stage is openend to the following two speakers.

Jaleh Bisharat, VP of Marketing of odesk, has a personal story to start with: Having an exciting job at Amazon left her unfulfilled as she had to make a binary choice between her kids and work. Having digital technologies enables us to find out that work is no longer a place. Before we brought the worker to work, now we bring the work to workers. In this work environment successful people need to focus on seven habits that involves to craft your personal brand, focus on people and efficiency and ,build a high performance culture.

Jackie Reses, Chief of Innovation of Yahoo!, agrees on the importance of company culture. Only the companies with the best talent will win so the questions for the future of work is: How can we romove barriers for creativity? The solution is to mmplify greatness by design and not by default and give every employee the real chance to change the company.

For the future, both genders will participate in this future and gender stereotypes will diminish due to the increasing possibilites that technologies enables us.

DLDwomen13 conference Munich - "Breaking new ground" - Germany July, 15-16, 2013 ©Jorinde Gersina /#DLDw13

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