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Great companies are built on great products. Bing Gordon, former Chief Creative officer at Electronic Arts, and Julie Uhrman of innovative gaming console maker OUYA talk about the vital interconnections between engineering and design.

OUYA is a crowdfunded gaming console. Its campaign on kickstarter in 2013 was a huge success (8 million Dollars in a couple of weeks) and now it's reinventing gaming on TV. But hardware is a dirty work, Julie tells us. With the huge success on kickstarter the problems begun. To produce and to deliver such an amount of OUYA consoles wasn't easy. The customer participation which was committed in the kickstarter project helped to develop a better product. On the other hand OUYA was an unfinished product.

And not only the design helped to build such a successful story. OUYA worked with the Unity Game engine and now it's open to every one. It's open source approach offers now more than 600 apps/games for it from 31,000 verified developers. How do they monetize their work? They can choose a donation system and it seems that people are willing to pay for special content.

What's coming next? After developing and the kick-off in 2013, OUYA now is trying a customizing approach, e.g. with different colors. Let's try it, Julie says. Let's find the games and the experience which would you make buying OUYA.

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