Giants vs. Consumers

Terence giantsvsconsumers

A keynote about the battle among internet giants for the digital consumer.

The keynote of Terence Kawaja was the perfect start at the Atrium into a whole day about big data, new technologies, consumers and the future of marketing.

Consumer's Data is really a big thing and it's necessary to get to know your consumers. But: "Convergence is a bitch!" Terence, former investment banker, did the disastrous deal in the last years - 183,000,000,000 $ for the AOL Time Warner fusion. Why should we trust an investment baker like him? We shouldn't! Terence told us: "Fire your investment banker because your rockstar company is not for sale!"

His company LUMA Partners did a lot of charts for enterprises about Display, Social, Video, Mobile, Game, Commerce, Social and Marketing and only one chart focussed on the buyers, the strategic buyers. It's kind of enterprise vs consumers and there are a lot of patterns that connect both. And the sector "Network/Commerce" is the future!

Well, let's defining the Digital Battlefield: The 4 Big Players - amazon, apple, facebook, Google - vs the consumer. The battlefield is search, display, video, mobile, social, commerce and the weapons are devices, location, cloud, payments, and A.I. This includes a lot of money and the capability to build and buy new things. Terence Kawaja expects Apple, Amazon and Facebook to be more aggressive in M&A markets in 2013.

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Terence Kawaja
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