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Pucci vs. Katrantzou - two fashion labels that span tradition to modernity. InStyle's Annette Weber introduces the two fashion labels by asking how the patterns and prints were developed by Pucci sixty years ago and how Mary Katrantzou creates her digital patterns.

Inspirations were drawn sixty years ago from landscapes and natural occurrences around Italy where Laudomia Pucci's father lived, while Mary was educated as an architect and always found inspiration structures and material textures.

The conversation moves on to the growing e-commerce trend. Laudomia says she is surprised at how similar shopping behaviour is off- and on-line. While Mary points out at how helpful it is to her as a young deisgner and entrepreneur to be able to use the online platform. Another important issue is discussed as Weber asks about the significance of celebrities wearing the fashion. Pucci used to say that he's in the business to dress women and make them beautiful. Yet he was proud of Marilyn Monroe wearing his dresses. His daughter Laudomia is clear that today it is an industry that needs celebrities and to some extent you have to flexible to dress the rising stars.

Mary Katrantzou points out that Bloggers have a lot of influence too. They can inform your vision but you also have to be careful to stay true to yourself. Annette Weber points out that Mary has a lot to do with colour coming back into the fashion designs. To Katrantzou colourful patterns are an extension of women's personality and they show braveness by wearing colour and patterns.

The panel ends with a recommendation from Mary Katrantzou saying "you need to feel inspired and complete to stay creative."

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