Healthcare’s Age of Enlightenment

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She has come a long way from Singularity University to the land of Gutenberg to talk about the age of enlightenment in healthcare. Carina Namih, co-founder and CEO of Helix Nano, shares her companies vision and product with a crowded room at DLD15.

Her business is about molecular surveillance. She explains the complex topic of gene surveillance and breaks it up into the measurement, collection and analysis of deep data. The essence is to create technologies that will help to diagnose and prevent fatal illnesses such as a heart failure. The issue of security and around the collection of personlal data is important to Helix Nano who are supported by Johnson and Johnson. However she says it’s about having the dialogue now about how to deal with security as the technology will come.

“Soon” she predicts, “well just need a handshake to detect anyone’s genome.”

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Carina Namih
Founder & CEO

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