Holding Hands with the Sun

Holding hands with the sun

Internationally acclaimed artist and DLD friend Olafur Eliasson follows up on his DLD talk two years ago where he first presented the little sun.

Eliasson starts with introducing some of his astonishing art works such as the "The weather project" he realized ten years ago at Tate modern. "It was about essential questions such as 'How do we know how we feel? How do we know that we are here? And are we really here?"

He also shows his glacier project for PS1 which also refers to questions Eliasson always comes back to: How do we connect to each other? Is the reality relative? And how do we translate our thinking into doing? The latter one also got him into the little sun project.

Last week Bloomberg announced they will invest 5 million dollars into the project. Since his first presentation of the little sun, as a 3-D print model at DLD two years ago, they have sold 220.000 suns. Two thirds have been sold in off-grid areas, one third is sold in Western countries for a higher price using the money to bring them into marketplaces in rural Africa, for instance, where they are sold for a price that is competing with pertroleum and kerosine. The cause is to "kick the oil business out of Africa."

The little sun is a solar lamp that is also able to educate children about alternative energy. It's trying to take the abstract discussion of climate change and offer a concrete experience as well as asking fundamental questions like 'What is energy? How does it feel to have power?' And in this sense, it's also a true work of art.

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