Hollywood meets silicon Valley

Guy ludwig
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Silicon Valley that we all know for having the best ecosystem for start-ups have another city not so far away that are getting more and more attention: Los Angeles and Hollywood.

With Ashton Kutcher being the main celebrity leading the way for investment in tech, LA is a growing scene for start ups.

Guy Oseary who work with Kutcher told Ludwig Siegele that there is a misunderstanding though, that you can come to LA for one day and it will all happend. Things take time and it´s the same hard work as anywhere else. The difference might be that in Holywood people are used to getting payed to perform, in the Valley you first see to what the company does in a context not related to payment.

Getting support from the influential movie maker might not be easy even if you get the meeting as their background is not technology and therefor there are more venture capital companies setting up to support the industry witch might just turn LA into a place for visionary entrepreneurs as well as the glamour and stars that it´s known for.

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